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Social Activities - Blood Donation Camp 2010-11

Blood Donation Camp was held at Pillai HOC Educational Campus at Rasayani at 7th February, 2011. The camp has strong support by the enthusiastic Engineering, Management, Polytechnic, Architecture, B.Sc. I.T., B.Com., B.M.S. students, who donated in large numbers.

Doctors of the camp informed the students about the importance and significance of this voluntary service. About 200 students registered and 98 bottles of blood was collected.

The purpose of this Blood Donation Camp was to bring an awareness amongst all that how just a mere blood donation can save several lives. There may be patients suffering from cancer, accident injuries, need of organ transplants or some major surgeries, etc. who may be in dire need of blood and our blood can help save their lives. An amazing statistic reveals that every year approximately 40,00,000 people require blood which corresponds to one person per 12 seconds! Blood donation camps like these help the collection of blood of various groups viz A+ve, A-ve, B+ve, B-ve, O+ve, O-ve, AB+ve and AB-ve. And you never know you may come across some rare blood groups like O-ve and AB-ve!

The process of blood donation was simple and safe using disposable syringes. The donors were served with juice and biscuits. Just for the information of readers, there are absolutely no side effects of donating blood, no weakness caused because of blood donation. Because safe methods are used in this process, there are absolutely no chances of contracting any diseases like AIDS, etc. The actual process of blood donation lasts for around 10 - 15 minutes but it stretches upto 45 minutes which includes the time to relax.

So, dear people, go ahead and donate blood whenever you can... You may save a life.

After all, Blood... its in you to give!!! so save a live...

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