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Alumni Association of Pillai HOC Polytechnic (APHP) is an association of former students (alumni) in the Pillai HOC Polytechnic.

In the year 2011, Prof. Amar Mange, Pricipal mooted the idea of forming an Alumni Association for the outgoing students of PHCP. It was founded in 2011 by the 3rd year students of that year. This association aims at to provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni members to maintain connection to their educational institution. Students passing out of the college can maintain their link with the institution by becoming members of APHP. It provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background. The institution is proud of its students who have marched forward and now the association has a membership of more than 50 students, most of them doing their higher education in various prestigious institutions in Maharashtra.

The APHP has a reciprocal relationship with the college. The college actively encourages and promotes the alumni endeavors by facilitating their communication among the networks as well as encouraging them to undertake activities. Over the years the APHP has emerged as a mutually 'Nourishing' Network - The Alumni supporting each other and the college facilitating alumni communication.

Mission of APHP
The Alumni Association of Pillai HOC Polytechnic (APHP) is a conglomeration of alumni fraternities spread around the society to carry forward the mission of 'Fashioning an Enlightened Society'.

APHP Meet 2013
It is a great experience when one walks down that memory lane...
The Annual get-together of APHP is held on the afternoon of 20th September, 2013.

The 'Nostalgia Meets' organized by APHP provides an opportunity to recall those elegant times that one has lived, of which only sweet memories remain. The alumni members shared the goals they achieved in their lives through this institution and also they thanked the teachers and all staff members of this institution who act as the pillars in their success.

APHP planned to contributes to the Development of the College by conducting seminars, lectures, career guidance etc.

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