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Ragging in Pillai HOC Polytechnic (PHCP) is totally banned and strictly prohibited as per the Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999 and All India Council of Technical Education (Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Technical Institution).

If the students find involved in, guilty of or abetting the ragging strict disciplinary action shall initiated and shall be penalized as per the acts and regulations.

All the students and their parents are required to submit an affidavit separately to the institution at the time of seeking admission regarding not to indulge in ragging or to abet ragging by any means so as to prevent ragging in the institution. The students seeking admission to the Hostel are also required to submit another affidavit for the same to the Institution / Hostel authorities.

Anti-Ragging Committee
Dr. Lata Kasture Menon Dy. CEO
Mr. Amar V. Mange Chairman (Principal)
Ms. Jyoti Pundle Member (Lecturer, EX Department)
Ms. Swati Mhaskar Member (Lecturer, Civil Department)
Mr. Sandesh Khandagale Member (Lecturer, Applied Science and Humanities)
Mr. Jadhav Sumit Member (Student)
Ms. Koli Sujata Member (Student)
Mr. Patil Omkar Member (Student)

  • The Institution is compliant with Prohibition of Capitation Fee Act, 1987 (Government of Maharashtra) and does not seek donation.

Grievance Redressal Committee
Mr. Amar Mange Chairman (Principal)
Mr. Gautam Ghegadmal Member Secretary (Lecturer, MECH Department)
Mr. Shivraj Patil Member (HOD, Civil Department)
Mrs. Srichithra Pillai Member (Lecturer, ASH Department)
Mrs. Priya Prakash Member (Lecturer, ASH Department)
Mrs. Pradnya Rane Member (Lecturer, Civil Department)
Mrs. Aditi Indap Member (HOD, Electronics Department)

Anti- Sexual Harassment Committee
Chairman Mrs. Srichithra C. M. Lecturer, ASH Department
Secretary Ms. Trupti Vishe HOD, EJ Department
Member Mr. Shivraj Patil HOD, CE Department
Member Mr. Tatyasaheb Garande HOD, ME Department
Member Mrs. Pradnya Rane Lecturer, Civil Department
Member Ms. Swati Mhaskar Lecturer, Civil Department
NGO Representative Ms. Celina Joy  
Member Ms. Vrushali Patil  
Member Technical Staff Mr. Srijit Rajan  

  • The institution provides ramps, accessible toilets for the disabled persons.
  • The institution also provides sanitary napkin vending machine for girls.
  • Institution abides with the Government Rules and Regulations regarding various concessions in fees and refund as applicable.
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